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New software developers will benefit from the wealth of instructional and how-to posts featured on, especially with regard to subjects concerning specific frameworks and languages. MySQL, PHP, and jQuery are among the many topics tackled by Christos Pontikis, and readers will be sure to appreciate the convenience of the regular posts covering all the latest business and technology news. Sink’s blog is filled with useful information on a wide range of topics, including, of course, software development, but also featuring exceptional insight and analysis on other critical but oft-overlooked subjects like business and marketing. A single-day conference, it is the goal of The Lead Developer to provide attendees with the latest information and insight regarding recent developments in software development. Aspiring software developers stand to benefit from the management/leadership focus incorporated into the conference’s talks and workshops.

Outsource company set everything up, scale the team according to client’s requirements, solve many software development challenges. At the same time, the client can work within the project coordination and has full management control over the team. Ofcourse, noone wants a whole application idea to be delivered to a different customer. However, software development comes with a lot of potentially reusable code and a contract that allows this code to be reused in unrelated projects would benefit all involved parties in the long term. A developer who doesn’t just write the code but is also invested in providing a stellar user experience to your customers is another asset you should look for when selecting an outsourcing partner. Finding a company who can become potential stakeholders in your project and who are committed to finding the right solutions rather than implementing quick fixes is key to successful outsourcing.

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An intense and immersive 12-week experience, Dev League promises that new software developers will be “dreaming in code” by the end of the program. A tech consultant and entrepreneur, Eric D. Brown is a data science expert whose blog often software development blog focuses on the intersection between technology, data, and marketing. New software developers can learn a great deal from the broad perspective espoused by Brown through his blog posts on Technology, Strategy, People, & Projects.

Some of the best coders and software developers offer access to their unique professional expertise through online learning communities such as the ones listed below. These supportive communities allow aspiring coders to ask specific questions regarding any coding or programming issue they might encounter.

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Because of the wide range of information, Javaworld is an ideal starting point for those new to programming. The Java 101 blog series was designed with Java beginners in mind, and tackles topics related to Java programming, syntax, API’s, and packages. If you aren’t sure what those programs and tools are exactly, JavaWorld is the place for you. For more experienced programmers, JavaWorld posts articles regarding recent updates, such as Java EE 8 and other new tools that software development blog would provide valuable insight and opinions from industry experts. For many reasons, cloud software development is a promising technology for companies regardless of their industry focus. This article provides important facts and essential aspects of cloud computing and discusses its benefits and challenges for businesses. Coding HorrorWeb application developer and co-founder of StackExchange, Jeff Atwood writes this blog based on the human component of development.

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Coding Horror focuses on how human behavior can make or break good software development and security. Its the focus on this piece of the puzzle that makes this blog stand out; Jeff reminds us all of the humanity behind the code. With the benefit of a tremendous amount of industry experience, Kevin Rutherford is able to offer keen insights on any number of software development subjects. Although the blog covers just about every subject imaginable, Silk and Spinach often features posts pertaining to Agile development, Ruby, and hexagonal architecture, among many others.

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Gaming on a New Level Using Unity Software In a world of never ending new technology, Chetu developers take pride in providing ultra-modern software technology solutions to businesses and customers in need. Chetu’s expertise in the gaming industry has been ongoing through hard work for clients and partners such as Unity Technologies, a video game development company best known for its Unity gaming platform. SCIENCE SOFT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTThis is a massive library of valuable content that contains a software development blog within. An excellent blog for developers, they touch on subjects like high-quality custom software, microservices, web applications, and building teams.

These communities also feature practical advice on a wide range of subjects while exposing newcomers to multiple perspectives and philosophies. Let’s try thinking of a dedicated model as not fixed-price contract but outstaff team, that is a part of the client’s company at a time. Client hires already formed a qualified team of IT professionals that will concentrate only on his business tasks and goals, share client’s company vision.

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Ironhack’s intensive software development program clearly emphasizes the benefits of replicating the real-world environment in which graduates will eventually work. This real-world experience is accomplished through the use of projects requiring industry-specific tools and workflow processes. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or looking to start a career in software development, it’s important that you’re always learning and keeping pace with the ever changing world of software development. Five Ways To Optimize Your Salesforce CRM Implementing data integrations into your Salesforce CRM is an effective way to build a unified view of your customer while improving employee experience. Connecting internal databases gives businesses a competitive advantage by leveraging data in new and powerful ways. This is because integrating with existing applications harnesses Salesforce’s API functionality helping an organization to achieve higher levels of operational value, consistency, and efficiency.

Our blog is a practical guide designed for technology leaders looking to build a virtual development team in Ukraine. From software developers news to the best practices in website and mobile development, we hope that our insights will help you make the most of your Ukrainian IT engagements. Featuring posts on all manner of subjects relevant to coding, technology, innovation, software development, culture, and more, Scott Hanselman’s blog is one of the most comprehensive of all. Hanselman also runs several other blogs and podcasts, making a wealth of information available to new software developers through a variety of different formats, all of which are as entertaining as they are informative.

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Owing to the fact that testing is becoming a part of programming, developers are able to correct errors at the very early stages of development. This allows to decrease the risk of defects occurring in the end product. The earlier the process of testing is started, the earlier possible errors are found and the less it costs to correct them. We often write about the complexity of custom software projects — the need for clearly outlined software development blog requirements, the carefully drafted roadmaps, and the flexibility to make adjustments when the developers encounter obstacles or the client requests a change. So with all those moving pieces, how can a software vendor and a client be sure they understand the scope and cost of the work? The key is the service level agreement , which is a contract between vendor and specifies the level of service expected during the engagement.