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prism-bullet1 Code of Conduct

“We are committed to providing customers innovative and optimum automation solutions with the highest quality and value in our products. We believe this commitment is best met through strong relationships amongst its members and associates and by only selecting business partners who share our ethics and agree to our standards of business conduct.”

Member organisations and others will be guided and encouraged to integrate socially responsible behaviour in to their policies, strategies, processes and practices as per latest international norms. The Cluster members will be encouraged to adopt practices aimed at conservation of materials, improvement of energy efficiency and other sustainable practices in evolving mechatronic solutions.
    Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect as a company, institution or person, regardless of size, status, title, role or individual differences.
  • The Cluster as a principle encourages high level of cooperation, learning and growth for all its members and their employees to be able to provide optimum innovative automation solutions.
  • Members will strive to understand and respond to the needs of customers and other stakeholders to ensure utmost satisfaction.
    All members must comply with all applicable local, state or national legal standards and requirements in the area where they are doing business.
    Each member must share Cluster’s total commitment to product quality and to maintaining the operating practices necessary to meet prescribed quality standards.
    Our business partners must adhere to the local, state and national laws regarding the protection and preservation of the environment.
    Members and their associates undertake to protect the rights of children, women and other workers as per the Indian Law and those conventions that are embodied in the ILO Conventions. They must not utilize forced labour, including prison or other compulsory labour. Employees must not be discriminated against because of personal characteristics or beliefs.
    Our Members undertake to share our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to treating employees fairly and in compliance with local laws. Members and other business associates should adhere to the following:

    • Health, safety and other workplace standards must meet all local laws and safety regulations.
    • Employees must be compensated fairly for all hours worked and at rates that meet local industry standards.