prism-bullet1 Objectives


The main objects of the CLUSTER shall be:

a) To create a platform for forging ties amongst the companies and institutes of technology/science within the country or abroad for undertaking development, research and other such activities in mechatroincs, involving inter-disciplinary fields of mechanical, electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, environmental, energy, electrical, communication, process automation or industrial engineering.

b) To stimulate effective co-operation between component manufacturers, designers, process planners, system integrators and developers, enabling them in supplying complete solutions to end-users or representatives/intermediaries in the field of automation, motion control and robotics worldwide.

c) To promote/ create/ improve competitive strength in facing international competition and develop innovative sustainable solutions for the benefit of humanity.

d) To give information about foreign collaboration and alliances including that from the Institutes of research and learning with a view to offer competitive and innovative automation systems to customers worldwide.

e) To encourage formation of networks of companies, R&D institutes and university groups who share an interest in the study and application of intelligent mechatronics, robotics, and controls in general.

f)To foster and promote interaction amongst professionals engaged or interested in promotion of mechatronics in industry, research, education or any other related field , with a view to advance knowledge , research and education in this field and its application. Organise seminars, conferences, training programmes, tutorials, study tours, workshops and lectures for disseminating such knowledge.

g) To increase the capability of the participating organisations in improving awareness and understanding of immense possibilities offered by Mechatronics in developing new solutions. To share and disseminate new concepts, theories, methodologies, technologies and tools within the member organisations.

h) ) To organise and/or participate in exhibitions, fairs, buyer-seller meets with a view to keep up with the latest developments in the field and maintains the highest standards of quality of products and services and project the capabilities of the Cluster to outside world.

i) To encourage and help attain internationally accepted s standards of quality , technical capability & efficiency with the application of state-of-the art techniques and knowledge in the field of science, engineering, management , especially in the small and medium enterprises in industry.

j) To encourage and guide member organisations and others to integrate socially responsible behaviour in to their policies, strategies, processes and practices as per latest international norms.

k) To give information about the integration of the concept of sustainable development in all aspects of business of members and encourage development of mechatronics solutions and innovation to build competitive advantage for different applications while embedding the concept of sustainability over the life cycle of such products.