prism-bullet1 Mechatronics Cluster

Mechatronics is a key technology of the 21st Century and is the main engine for innovations and technological advances today. Mechatronics deals with the design and development of electro-mechanical systems that are controlled by electronics and embedded software. The holistic approach allows for optimization and advanced functionalities in innumerable applications, viz. automation, factory systems, aeronautics, transport, energy sectors etc.
This has prompted all advanced countries to pool knowledge of manufacturers of different components, supported by institutions, to form Clusters to develop new solutions.

In the last Export Coaching Programme for Engineering Products of CBI, ( the Centre for Promotion of Imports for Developing Countries),The Netherlands in November 2009, there were manufacturers who represented different disciplines. This prompted the Senior CBI Consultant, Mr. Peter van der Sman, to suggest formation of an Indian Cluster for Mechatronics. It was felt that formation of such a Cluster with the help of Companies in the ECP for Electronics and motivating other interested component manufacturers and system integrators will result in a formidable Cluster. With recognized expertise in software development and competent design talent coupled with large engineering base of India, it would be possible to build a strong Mechatronic Cluster.

Realising the potential of the proposal in advancing automation in India and its scope in building collaboration between European and Indian industry in searching for optimum innovative solutions in a variety of applications , CBI management has agreed to support and promote the activities of the Cluster.